A Strong and Vibrant Community of Zambian Adventists in California

Who We Are

We are a group of individuals that have found hope in Jesus Christ. We believe that the world needs Jesus now more than ever and it’s for that reason that we strive to introduce Jesus to as many people as possible. We want everyone to experience the freedom of knowing that Jesus is in your corner and fighting for you.


Where We Come From

AZANA California is a local chapter of the Association of Zambian Adventists in North America (AZANA) national body. It was started by a group of Zambian Adventists living in North America to foster Christian unity and collaboration among members, underpinned by their shared love for Jesus Christ.  From its humble beginnings of a small group of Zambian Adventists meeting in homes for fellowship, AZANA has grown to become a vibrant and dynamic Christian community with local chapters in most states of the US. AZANA provides a great platform to its members for collaborative endeavors to help address common problems faced in the diaspora as well as act as a vehicle for galvanizing and sensitizing members to support worthy projects in Zambia.


Where We’re Headed

AZANA California is committed to fostering a family built around VISION and HOPE. We believe that we can only make positive progress towards a better future through Hope. As we move forward as a family, inclusion, and belonging remain at the center of who we are.


What This Means For You


We want to welcome you wholeheartedly, as we seek to share our rich and diverse ethnic and cultural experiences, unique to our heritage as Zambians. Our community is spread across California and we are running a robust online community that allows us to keep in touch with one another. We also meet about 3 times a year for spiritual retreats and to promote and strengthen personal contacts and enhance networking.

To further meet the social needs of members, we meet on regular basis in small-group settings in different locations, usually after church service on Sabbath. We share some great Zambian dishes and enjoy warm fellowship thereafter.

We want you to join us and if you’re ready to get information about when we’re meeting next, please click here. Or if you just want to get more information about us and what we do click here.

Join Our Community

We are a community of individuals that have found hope in Jesus Christ. 


We value fellowship with our family and friends. We share great food, laughter, support and love with one another. Find out when we meet next.

Youth Programs

We empower our youth to become the best that God wants them to be. We teach our youth real-life skills to prepare them for the world.


We don’t let distance stand in the way of evangelism. We have a online evangelism program for our robust online community. 


When you need to get away and retreat with God’s people, we have the perfect events for you. Find out when and where we meet next.



We are our brother’s keepers. We strive to help the underprivileged among us. Pushing them just a little further into success.  


Here we can create a featured program where we promote some nonprofit organizations that are doing work in Zambia.